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Great article Kyle, very comprehensive.

One aspect I am wondering is related to socio/economic development and development of the overall economy of the impacted countries. The green revolution will impact smallhold farmers, where living and farming is currently 'one thing'. This will change, as increasing yields is not only 'per ha' but also 'per worker'. Many will (have to) change from living and working on their (subsistence) farm to commuting to work, a large impact on the way of living. Any insights on this macro effect?

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One factor you missed is supply chain. By the time the green revolution hit the US and Europe, there was already a infrastructure of trucks to get the grain to the silos and the fruits and veg to the trains, and trains to get the food to the then-still-growing cities.

Even if there roads were perfect, today there are not food/ag logistics companies to get the food from farm to aggregator, and that doesn't exist as today the aggregators are too few and far between for the amount of food that is grown and sold.

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Great article Kyle, very interesting data and brings together all your varied work very nicely!

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Fascinating! We all know there are multiple factors affecting such a complex topic. Appreciate the effort to bring all these facets to educate me and others - thank you!

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